Enhance Service To Your Communities Through Philanthropy


For many small nonprofits, the world of philanthropy is an intimidating place.  Competition with larger institutions that have much greater resources to invest in their development programs can be daunting.  

The professionals at Simons Plantenberg Consulting can help.  With our rich background in fundraising, nonprofit management and leadership development in both large and small organizations, we can be an affordable adjunct to your efforts.  We are there to help when your organization needs us, enabling you to accomplish your goals without hiring additional staff and overhead.  You benefit from the experience of senior fund development executives at a price you can afford.

Simons Plantenberg can assist with everything from interim or ongoing executive or fundraising leadership to directing a capital campaign or developing strategies for building your donor base.  We are also adept at social media strategy.  Look further to see how Simons Plantenberg Consulting can take your organization to the next level of success.